Are Height Increasing Altitude Shoes comfortable?
Of course – Height Increasing Altitude Shoes will add inches to your height while providing total comfort for the heel, arch and ball of your foot. Every pair of Height Increasing Altitude Shoes is made from high quality leather (or high quality material for casual shoes) to ensure a good fit, while the Altitude Shoes HQHI (High Quality Height Increasing) Insoles , which are responsible for your increase in height, allow you to wear your shoes all day with complete comfort.
Will Height Increasing Altitude Shoes make me walk differently?

The height increasing and impact absorbing insoles (Altitude Shoes HQHI (High Quality Height Increasing) Insoles) also allow air circulation and a natural instep, so your gait and posture will not be affected. In fact, it may be improved.

You may need to get accustomed to the higher position of your foot to begin with, but this is only temporary, and you’ll be enjoying the taller, more successful you in no time.

After experiencing Altitude Shoes , you may never wear your old shoes again!

What are the benefits of wearing Height Increasing Altitude shoes?

Better Posture

The insoles of our shoes provide support while allowing a natural instep so that your posture is not compromised. Altitude Shoes also allow you to achieve the ideal alignment of the spine (posture starts at the feet). This in turn helps to increase your height by allowing you to stand straighter and not slouch forward.

Increased Confidence

As you feel what it’s like to be taller, you will feel more confident as a side effect. . Also note that there have been numerous academic studies which show the benefits in health, wealth and attraction of increased height .

Career and Financial Success

Arianne Cohen, author of The Tall Book, says that tall people are 90% more likely to ascend to the CEO chairs of Fortune 500 companies.

Similarly, in the international bestselling book “Blink”, Malcolm Gladwell states that 58% of the CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies are 6 feet or taller. 58% is over 4 times the percentage of American men that are 6 feet or taller when compared to the general population. This is an over-representation of 400%! Coincidence? No.


Academic studies, newspapers, journals and other highly reputable sources confirm that taller men are more attractive to women. See, for example:

Wikipedia also attributes male height as being one of the main determinants of physical attractiveness: Wikipedia on Height and Physical Attractiveness.


Society has accustomed us to linking taller men with success and confidence. Taller men often get the girl, the job and the promotion among other rewards (see links above for academic and practical evidence). Consequently, being taller drives your image in this direction.

Will anyone know that I am wearing Height Increasing Altitude Shoes?
No! That’s the beauty of Height Increasing Altitude Shoes. You’ll be taller, feel more confident, be more attractive and no one will know why. Height Increasing Altitude Shoes do not stand out in any noticeable way like cowboy boots, platform shoes or any other height increasing alternative.
Do I need to make alterations to the length of my pants?
Not necessarily. If your pants are slightly longer than what you would normally wear with your old shoes, then this will help to make your Height Increasing Altitude Shoes look more like normal shoes, but most people will not notice anyway. If you have extra height increasing shoes however, you may want to increase the length of your pants slightly to accommodate for the extra height. This comes down to personal preference.
Are the height increases mentioned on your website accurate?
The numbers on the Height Increasing Altitude Shoes website are accurate. The shoes themselves can be tested with an accurate ruler. It is possible that the height increase may be slightly lower if your bodyweight causes the soft material in our Altitude Shoes HQHI (High Quality Height Increasing) Insoles™ to compress a little. That being said, this compression effect will not have a dramatic effect.
Is it possible to modify the height increase of certain models?
It is not possible to change the height increase level of a particular model. The inside sole is fixed in the shoe, but can also be taken out. Please note that we do not take responsibility if you take it upon yourself to personally remove the inside sole of any Height Increasing Altitude Shoe.
Why doesn’t my shoe size appear for the model I want to buy?
If your shoe size doesn't appear it usually means that it is sold out. You could either look for another model that is available in your shoe size or wait for new models coming in.

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